Yiri sketch card

Yiri the Dream Beast

A good summon for beginners and in fact the first summon they learn, it is a non elemental summon associated with Dream Fey and the Dream Plane, where it makes it's home when not being summoned. When it is summoned, this summon uses physical attacks almost exclusively, bashing enemies with it's huge tail, which despite it's appearance is surprisingly strong. It can also use it's long prehensile tongue to whip foes or pick them up and slam them into the ground, or it can simply charge them with a headbutt or trample over them. It's two non physical attacks are a status effect attack that puts enemies to sleep using the golden dust that falls from it's tail, or a psychic attack delivered on the opponents mind from the dream plane.

Yiri is a Momo, but much larger than the actual Momos found in Eifel, being close to the size of a Karkadan, though not as tall as Re'em. Yiri is aqua colored, and tipped with gold. This color isn't just a shading of the fur though, it is partially caused by fine golden dust which is constantly trailing from it's tail, and the legend tells that this is the dust that causes Eiflans to fall asleep at night, and recieve either good dreams or bad from the dream fey, depending on their hearts and the deeds the did that day, be they good deeds or evil ones. Because Yiri exists on the dream plane, it's eyes are always closed when on Eifel proper. This is so that it can "see" both the material world and the dream world clearly. Like all Momos, Yiri has a white band around it's midsection. Unlike other momos though, it's tongue is pink, instead of the usual purplish color. When dismissed from battle, Yiri simply walks away, fading into the dream plane as it goes.