Verzy sketch card

Very the Green Lady

A Spirit of plants and Nature, Verzy appears to be a woman made entirely of plant life, from her weeping wisteria hair to her supple, flexible naga tail vine. She even seems to have wings made of large green leaves. Verzy is a cheerful spirit, with the ability to make plants grow. Her homes are in the Sacred Forest or the Labyrinth Jungle, and even though she is always delighted to see people, she can be very hard to find. Her skin is entirely green, and she has many long, thin vines poking out between the clusters of wisteria flowers that make up her hair. The vines wave their way almost to the ground, then end in little ringlets. Her naga-ish tail is always curled up in front of her, and several large bluebells hang from it, which she can tap to make them chime beautifully.

When summoned into battle, Verzy can make thorny vines spring up from the ground to attack enemies, or she can choke them with a thick fog of pollen from her flowers. Verzy can have nearby trees bend down to bash foes with their branches, or trip them up with suddenly appearing roots. When she is dismissed, Verzy disappears by encasing herself in a giant flower bud and sinking into the ground to come back up in her home area.