Long ago in the time of the Alfs there was a there was an Alfainian scientist named Farai, who was deeply, devotedly in love with a lovely summoner named Nynn. Her parents had named her so out of their love and admiration for the Nyn race, and with that name they hoped she could inherit some of the races fine grace and beauty. The two spent many days in happiness together, sharing with each other their talents and secrets, until the day came when Nynn had to leave Farai on a journey to seek out the summons of the world and use them for the good of all Eifel. As they said their sweet farewells, Nynn promised Farai that she would one day return to him. The years passed by and Farai grew older and older, but still he waited for her. He never married, nor sired any children, instead devoting his entire life to waiting and watching, even as the other scientists of the age began to look for reasons as to why they were having fewer offspirng, and why the number of Eiflans was increasing as their own numbers began to diminish, still Farai, the brightest of them all, simply watched and waited for Nynn to return. Finally, in the twilight of his years, Farai's eyes grew heavy, and the light of his soul began to fade. It was then, as his last breathes were leaving his body, that a light appeared before him, brilliant and blue and lovely beyond imagining. And from this light came the summoner Nynn. With tear filled eyes the two embraced, and Farai did not need to ask why it was that Nynn did not look much older than she had when he'd last seen her that fatefull day. Watery eyed though, Nynn explained to him anyway that 5 years after she had left him, she was killed, cut down like many many others by a plauge that had swept through the area of the world she was in. The strange illness had drawn the life out of nearly every living thing in the area, taking them all in rapid succession and dissapearing as mysteriously has it had sprung forth. Nynn remembered her promise though, and so she had determinedly held herself back from passing on to the next life, and had waited for the day when she could fulfill her promise and return to Farai, so that the two could move on to their next incarnation together. And so, reunited at last, they both entered the light. Many years have passed since then, the Alfs are gone now, and we are left to wonder even what they look like, but souls are always returning to the future, and so with certainty it can be said that though they may be in new bodies, Farai and Nynn are most certainly together. Like all of us though, they simply don't know it.