Silphyd sketch card

Sylphid the Wind Wyrm

The Wind Wyrm Silphyd spends a great deal of time on the grassy plains. It is accompanied by the gusts of wind that follow it wherever it goes. It's one of Eifel's stranger looking residents, as it seems to be somewhere between a dragon and a squid. Its body is white and has a smooth, rubbery texture like that of a dolphin which is also stretchy and flexible as a squids or octopus’ skin would be. It seems to have a dragon like head with a long neck and two flexibly flippers that are spread out to it's sides like a sharks fins are. It's back end trails off into six squid-like tentacles rather than the usual hind legs and tail that would be expected of such a creature. The tentacles are pink underneath and covered in powerful suction cups. Silphyd has no eyes; instead, it seems to sense things by feeling the air around it with two long, catfish like whiskers which are located at the end of its nose. It's white body seems to become transparent at the edges. Silphyd is extremely buoyant, and always seems to be drifting through the air when not propelling itself with it's tentacles. She delights in twisting herself about and sometimes floating upside down. Occasionally, she dips down to the surface of Eifel and skims along just above the ground before drifting up again. When she needs to be better anchored she will adhere herself to a large rock or a tree with the powerful suction cups on her tentacles.

In battle she can use those tentacles in multiple ways, pressing them together and using them to hit opponents as though they were a solid, thick tail, or wrapping them around enemies and damaging them with either constriction or suction. Silphyd can also whip opponents with its whiskers and smash or slam enemies with its tail. Silphyd has access to all three wind spells and can call up multiple tornadoes when angered or in combat.

Outside of combat Silphyd is one of the most gentle and good natured of all the summons, and seems to be all but incapable of anger. While the gender of the summons is generally unknown, most people refer to Silphyd as 'her' or 'she', because Silphyd seems to give off a very feminine and even motherly aura. When dismissed Silphyd will call up a powerful wind to carry it off to its favorite resting place, the grasslands.