Ogun - re

Ogun the Iron Wyrm

This summon is associated with the Metal element, it's appearance is that of a massive monitor-esque animal with gleaming metallic armor plates covering almost the entirety of it's body. Ogun has six legs, with long claws suited for climbing mountainous rocks and gripping pads to keep from slipping on loose gravel.

Despite it's reptilian appearance, Ogun dwells close to the opposite end of the world, deep within the unforgiving Frozen Land. Magical nature aside, it's believed that a thick layer of fat lies between the heavy metal armor plates and Ogun's inner organs, keeping the Titan warm and able to survive in the cold and hostile climate as well as providing shock absorption in combat.

Some believe that the Titan is occasionally visited by Re'em, the ice Titan. But this is difficult to confirm since expeditions to the deepest parts of the frozen south are difficult at best. When summoned into battle, the weight of it's steps can cause large depressions in the ground. When at rest Ogun can be difficult to locate, it's huge body blending in with the mountains and quickly becoming covered in a thick layer of ice and snow. Eiflan scientists are eager to discover if there is something that drives it to stay in such an area when logic states that a reptilian such as itself would be much happier dwelling in some place warmer such as the Melva Desert or even the sub-tropical marshlands of Esmyr.

Ogun attacks by swinging it's heavy metal plated tail, sending sharp metal plates flying towards it's opponents. The tail is wide and somewhat flat, allowing it to be used as a defensive shield as well. The Titan is overall much faster than one might think, it's six legs making it a speedy opponent. In addition, Ogun can curl itself into a large metal ball and propel itself forward, rolling over enemies with the force of it's gargantuan body. Ogun, like the other summons, has access to all the metal attack spells. When dismissed, the beast curls into a ball and rolls off toward the south again, presumably tired from the exertion of fighting.