Gaia sketch card

Gaia the Great Wyrm

This massive creature is dark, earthy brown on top and pale tan on it's underbelly. It has no eyes, but instead feels it's way along with a mustache of catfish-like whiskers on the front of it's snout above it's mouth and along the length of it's body. They vary widely in length but each of them is as sensitive as a finger. When Summoned, this creature will defend it's summoner by vibrating it's body to cause quakes that harm opponents and knock them off balance or even off their feet, and crush them with the force of it's gargantuan tail or send them flying with the same. When dismissed, the gaia wyrm will dive, whale-like, back into the depths of the subterranean world and disappear, leaving no trace of it's presence. In the Summoners Academy, Gaia Wyrm is the first summon that students are taught.