Asagi redo

The Leviathan Summon

Another alleged familiar, this colorful shark-like Summon is thought to belong to Ramiel the Guardian Dragon of Water. It is long and serpentine like a sea snake, with a blue top and a white underbelly. It has an orange stripe on either side of its body along the length and its head is white. Its fins and tail are also orange and white. However, the inside of it’s mouth is lined with baleen which it uses to filter-feed, and it is completely docile. Along it’s sides, Asagi’s orange stripes are dotted with bio-luminescent pits that glow continuously with a white light that is colored orange by the stripes they are set in. Like all sharks, Asagi must move constantly to keep water flowing over it’s gills in order for it to breath comfortably.

Asagi sketch card

Asagi the Leviathan

Wherever it goes it is followed by a continuous flash-flood spell and a rainstorm that keeps it mobile and moisturized even when on dry land. When summoned this leviathan can and will attack its opponents with any of the three lightning spells, flood them with its accompanying water, or strike them with its tail. It can also call up the spell Tsunami to use against its enemies. When dismissed Asagi will swim off taking its water and rainstorm with it.